Critical Thinking

CRITICAL THINKING Critical Thinking = Organizational Learning = Optimization

Recent research suggests the information age is giving way to the conceptual age where engagement of both the analytical left and creative right parts of our brain is becoming more crucial. Knowing how to think critically has become an organizational requisite for survival. Yet many have never learned to consider our process of thinking. Moreover, constraints such as bias and self-centeredness often cloud our thinking. Accidents such as the Chernobyl and the Challenger disasters can be directly traced to non-critical thinking. At this workshop, participants will learn the difference between critical and non-critical thinking primarily through hands-on activities. Our goal is to provide a relaxed and fun environment that enables participants to Immerse in the subject, Reflect on what is presented and ultimately Grow from the experience. We expect participants to leave the workshop with skills that can be applied immediately in your workplace and daily life.

Our Approach

Conduct one or two-day workshops

1. Non-Critical Thinking – Thinking left to itself can be biased, distorted, and prejudiced
2. Critical Thinking – Thinking with clarity, accuracy, depth, significance
3. The Well-Tuned Critical Thinker – Raises vital questions using both left and right brain
4. Critical Thinking in the Workplace – Single and double-loop learning
Single-loop practice – modify actions according to the difference between expected and obtained outcomes
Double-loop practice – modify actions through questioning of organization’s values, assumptions and policies that led to actions in the first place

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