youtubePOL_Website_-_Sara_Review_June_28_Page_27_Image_0001Very informative and very applicable to what our safety committee is attempting to fulfill – Oregon Governor’s Safety Conference, 2015

Excellent session! This information is at the “core” of safety and behavior.  Adding application guidance would be great if there was more time – Utility Business Media, Inc. Los Angeles, 2014

He is great, really great interaction – Oregon Governor’s Safety Conference, 2015



Demystifying Just Culture (90 minutes)
There is confusion about what Just Culture is and thereby blocks learning. The objective of this presentation is to remove the block to greater understanding by thoroughly explaining the key facets of Just culture. Our Expectation: The audience leaves the presentation with a thorough understanding that works to motivate them to want know more about how to develop a Just culture at their company.

The System of Safety (90 minutes) 
The System of Safety is not a training program. Training refers to a single endeavor to be mastered; our approach is to educate. Education refers to building a knowledge base that can be applied to all situations. It is revolutionary because it recognizes thinking over equipment and safety standards as the primary causation of incidents. Research has demonstrated repeatedly that human behavior is the primary reason for most workplace incidents. The focus of The System of Safety is on behavior as the primary causation of incidents. Our Expectation: The audience leaves the presentation with a greater awareness of the process of thinking; how to manage thinking and emotions; and how to apply this knowledge to working incident free.

The Missing Link for Working Safely (90 minutes)
It was a beautiful March early evening in Maui, Hawaii. Earlier that day I had the honor of presenting The Coming Revolution in Electric Line Worker Safety to the National Electric Contractors Association. I was standing with my wife in the beautiful outdoor lobby of the Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui and could not help but hear Greg talking on the phone about and incident his company just had. Greg works for a contractor on the east coast whom I know from this and other presentations I have given. After the phone call Greg walked over to me and said “Jim, I just received a call about another incident that just happened”. He went on to explain what had happened and said “We just got through providing training for this very thing. Why do these guys keep doing stupid things?” Our Expectation: the audience gains a precise understanding of what drives humans to do “stupid things”. Only by first understanding the problem can we expect to change it.

Leading Edge Line Worker Attentiveness Research The Effect of Online Cognitive Training on Sustained Attention Measures for Electric Power Line Installers (90 minutes)
We know about the mind than ever, and research was led by Dr. Walters to determine if thinking/attentiveness could be improved with cognitive training. In this presentation Dr. Walters presents the findings of research – the importance of attention and memory to line workers, cognitive training and performance, how line contractors can begin to utilize the research now, and the next steps required to answer the ultimate question Does Cognitive Training Reduce Accidents? Our Expectation: The audience will gain an understanding of what cognitive training is and how it can help line workers and people enrich their lives.



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