The Team

JimJim is President and owner of Power of Learning, Inc. He has worked in organizational development part-time since 2002 and fulltime since 2011. His areas of expertise are organizational and personal change, critical thinking, safety education, and leadership. He and his team completed research on worker attentiveness titled The Effect of Online Cognitive Training on Sustained Attention Measures for Electric Power Line  Installers. Accomplishments include co-inventor of patented research by Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) and the University of Minnesota on fuel cells and geothermal heat pumps – 2004/2009. He speaks nationally, including keynote addresses such as The Missing Link in Working Accident Free and The System of Safety. His doctoral research at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota centered on the Assessment of Public Sector Electric Utilities Employees Readiness for Change andwas completed in 2006.


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Dr. Jim Walters

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