What We Believe

Many organizations never reach optimum performance because workers’ bias, negative thinking, impulsivity, inattentiveness, and faulty assumptions, to name a few. Left unaddressed, these entanglements create interpersonal currents such as worker incivility, unfettered internal competition, and passive aggressive behavior. These currents detract from organizational goals and over time, creates a culture that spends much of its time dealing with employee problems instead of outcomes. Worse, nonmanagement workers learn avoiding human performance issues is the way to behave; hence, they imitate management behavior. This kind of culture is the antithesis of a learning culture where the organization corrects errors at every level. When error is corrected, the  organization is said to have learned much like an individual who learns by updating their memory. Management’s proclivity to avoid human performance issues and workers’ imitation of the same self-seals the toxicity of its non- learning culture. Our approach is to help workers grow intellectually by creating awareness of the consequences of their behavior as a first step to improving critical
thinking skills. The results are terrific as demonstrated by the hundreds of testimonials and letters received.

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